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LinkedIn: Christian Bohm
Phone: +44 7519 630 219
CV (pdf, 75kB)

Born in Berlin, I studied Animation at the at the
Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg and made my diploma 2014 with the project "insomnia".

During my time at the Filmakademie I was lecturing at SAE ( SAE Stuttgart).
I learned a lot about my profession by explaining concepts and techniques to students and discover connections that influenced my own professional work.

I have a background in programming, particularly with python after working with PHP,MEL and C++ for years.

I have experience in Film VFX as a lighting TD working at Industrial Light and Magic:


Currently I am working as a 3D Generalist at MPC Commercials, London.
Feel free to ask me for any advice, job offer or bank transfers from south africa.

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